Board of UECD Switzerland

Eva Winizki

Management Consultant

Education is the path out of poverty. Thanks to their career training and education, women can be independent. They can choose their husbands, and as they marry later, have fewer children, and fewer premature infants. There is a far greater chance that all their children will be sent to school. Because of their own career training, they can support siblings, allowing them to be educated as well; parents benefit too; with additional structure and support, they are not forced to give up their land.

Lenzy Rimensberger BSc

Business Economist

I am convinced that aid for developing nations can only work when the nation being helped does not become more dependent as a result. The core element of help is education, giving people the possibility of helping themselves over the long term. It is precisely this which is the aim of UECD, an aim which I support entirely, for when one invests in youth one is investing in the future of a nation and our world.

Brigit Furrer, Dr. phil.

Cutural and Social Anthropologist

UECD supports educational development of Ugandan youth from poor, largely agricultural families, so that these women and men can have access to a career. To enable such success I support UECD with all my strength and resources. What makes me especially happy, is to work on the Board together with the Board of UECD Uganda: together we function as one big family.