What we do

UECD is a non-profit NGO with an honorary post and leadership in Switzerland. We award stipends to socially disadvantaged young people from Uganda.

In this way, deserving women and men are given the chance to receive the education necessary to achieve a sustained improvement in living conditions for themselves and their families.

Through a sharp focus on the support of women students, UECD attempts to strengthen the position of women in Ugandan society.

Emphasis is placed on continual and sustained backing of students as they seek employment and establish their own careers.

Who we support

Candidates for a UECD stipend are students who have completed the A-Level, but lack the financial means for further education. Women and young adults from rural areas are given special preference in their applications.

Included in the stipend are funds for tuition, books and rent. The students are responsible for seeking and finding financial resources to cover additional expenses.

New students are supported in various ways by former UECD recipients. Thus, experience and learning tips lead to exchange and continued communication. We also encourage direct exchanges between UECD recipients and their sponsors.

Aktuelle und ehemalige Studenten

Who we are

UECD Switzerland is a non-profit NGO with honorary seat and leadership in Switzerland. We award stipends to socially disadvantaged young women and men from Uganda. Since our inception in June 2007, we have worked closely with our partner organization in Uganda. Our core functions are: to elicit and maintain contact with our sponsors in Switzerland, to do necessary fundraising, to regulate and control finances, and to maintain and further develop the project we have launched.

UECD Uganda is a sovereign organization with a seat in the Ugandan capital of Kampala. It concerns itself mainly with the choosing and fostering of students and takes responsibility for the control of budgeting as well as timely payments to students. In addition, UECD Board Uganda operates with the actual graduates, who are BoardMembers for 5 years and help find positions for current graduates.

Board of UECD Switzerland

Eva Winizki

Management Consultant 

Education is the path out of poverty. Thanks to their career training and education, women can be independent. They can choose their husbands, and as they marry later, have fewer children, and fewer premature infants. There is a far greater chance that all their children will be sent to school. Because of their own career training, they can support siblings, allowing them to be educated as well; parents benefit too; with additional structure and support, they are not forced to give up their land.

Lenzy Rimensberger BSc

Business Economist

I am convinced that aid for developing nations can only work when the nation being helped does not become more dependent as a result. The core element of help is education, giving people the possibility of helping themselves over the long term. It is precisely this which is the aim of UECD, an aim which I support entirely, for when one invests in youth one is investing in the future of a nation and our world.

Brigit Furrer

Cutural and Social Anthropologist

UECD supports educational development of Ugandan youth from poor, largely agricultural families, so that these women and men can have access to a career. To enable such success I support UECD with all my strength and resources. What makes me especially happy, is to work on the Board together with the Board of UECD Uganda: together we function as one big family.


Board of UECD Uganda

The main task of the Board of UECD Uganda is to select students in Uganda who have completed Secondary School II (Advanced Level), and who are, due to personal circumstances, unable to continue with their professional career training. Potential candidates are required to submit a biography they have written themselves; content is checked through interviews with former teachers as well as family members. Through this procedure, students who fulfill the selection criteria of UECD are admitted to the program, and are guided in the achievement of their career goals by the Board of UECD Uganda. During class term, another function of the UECD Uganda Board is to ensure accountability by having all necessary information, such as regards budgets and student accounts, be sent on to the sponsor and to the Board of UECD Switzerland.

Ronald Tusingwire, Chairman UECD Uganda

Lawyer in Kampala

Gloria K. Seruewagi, Chairman UECD Uganda

PHD in Public Health in Kampala


Obed Rekyeraho, President UECD Uganda, Mentor

Lawyer in Kampala


Adah Tushabire, Vice President UECD Uganda, Mentor

MSc Computer Science


Patricia Ampaire, Treasurer UECD Uganda, Mentor

MSc Human Resource & Management


Patience Arinaitwe, Secretary UECD Uganda, Mentor

Social Worker


Doreen Tusingwire, Board Member



Hilda Lalum, Board Member, Mentor

Business & Administration


Jane Keya, Board Member, Mentor

Business & Administration


Elisabeth Nangoni, Board Member

Tourism & Travel Management


Jimmy Mukalazi, Board Member, Mentor

Electrical Engineer


Susan Aboth, Board Member

High School Teacher


Kevin Angwech, Board Member

Procurement & Logistic


Catherine Tushabe, Board Member, Mentor

Social Work & Social Administration


Jacqueline Aciro, Board Member

Business & Administration


Andrew Kizito, Board Member, Student deputy

Studies Medicine in Kampala